Car Insurance After DUI

You have been out with a few friends for dinner. You had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner. You had a great time and you are heading home when you see the flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. Your heart starts to do double time as the car gets closer. Is he after you or is he going to go past? You can hear the siren now as the squad car gets closer, and your car fills up with the strobe lights flashing their patriotic red, white and blue.

Feelings of terror, anger, and irritation rush through your mind all at once as you realize that he is not going by, but that yes this police car is indeed after you. You quickly try to calculate how much you had to drink. You know that you are not drunk, but what will the breathalyzer read? Should you take it if he asks or should you decline? Can you decline? You pull over, put your car into park, and turn off the engine. Rolling down your window, you then reach over and get out your registration and insurance card, as well you pull out your driver’s license the whole time watching in your rear view and side view mirrors for his approach.

The question is can you decline to take the sobriety test if you are pulled over and asked to do so. The answer is yes and no. Much of this depends on where you live in America. Each state has different laws so it is best that you know what they are, before you try to run this gauntlet. One very important thing to remember is that driving is a privilege not a right. Also, remember that if you have any problems applied to your driving record your car insurance premiums WILL go up. Not only will you pay for it in terms of fines, time off of work to go deal with a ticket or attend traffic school etc, but you will have years of higher rates unless you were to compare rates and find cheap auto insurance quotes online.

If you refuse to take the breathalyzer, you can request to have an alternative form of analysis to be administered by the officer. This often means that you will need to be transported to the hospital so that blood can be taken. Some states allow the officers to instantly get a court order to take your blood whether or not you consent, if you refuse to take the breathalyzer. Other states are a little less flexible. You can refuse, but you are giving up your right to drive with your refusal. In New York, for instance, if you refuse you will automatically lose your license for a year and a half and be fined $500.

DUI Auto Insurance Rates

The other aspect is that as soon as your car insurance company finds out that you went through this, if you are lucky, they will double your rates. If you are not so lucky they will drop you as a client altogether. You will also find it very difficult to get insurance and what you will find will be very expensive. Some states would be even harder to get auto insurance in than others. Whether you need to find cheap car insurance in brooklyn or cheap car insurance in nj after DUI, your best bet is to compare rates online from top insurers who are willing to provide the coverage for you.

Perhaps, the best choice is to have a designated driver that way when you’re sitting there waiting for the officer to make his way over to your car you will have nothing to worry about because you’ll be sitting in the passenger’s seat.

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