Car Insurance and Teenage Drivers

Parenting is a difficult job. We see our blessed bundles of joy come home from the hospital safely tucked into their car seats and watch as the years pass and they grow to jump back into the car and drive away some day. One of the hardest things for most parents is the time when our little, once very dependent protégés decide they want their independence and their driver’s license.

Of course, concern for their safety is just a portion of our distress. Financially, teenager drivers are one of the most expensive insurance coverages you will ever have to purchase. One reason is that car insurance premiums are gauged on the likelihood of the company having to pay on a claim. The higher the risk of a claim being filed, the more expensive the premiums are. If you want to see which auto insurance company has the cheapest auto insurance rates for teenage drivers in your state, simply enter your zip code above and start comparing.

Unfortunately, lack of experience and low attention spans go hand-in-hand with teenagers. This makes for a very dangerous cocktail when behind the wheel of a car. If you are not paying attention to what is going around you, if and when something happens you won’t have the experience to get yourself safely out of the situation, thus ending up in an accident. Many times the teenager is at fault, which is why the cost is higher.

In America, the main cause of death for people in their teens is vehicle accidents. This information comes directly from statistics supplied by the CDC. A huge part of the problem today is the cellular telephone. There are many adults who have been driving for years talking and driving, or God forbid texting and driving. They unwittingly set the example for their teen kids, who learn by example not word of mouth. You can tell your kid all day long not to drive and use their cell phone, but if you’re doing it they will do it. Again, they don’t have the experience to maneuver themselves out of a bad situation however, when they do this and many times end up in fatal circumstances.

Another, concern is teens who are drinking and/or consuming drugs and getting behind the wheel. Kids this age have little to no sense of mortality. The fact that they are driving impaired does not impact them as a reality. Seatbelts are for sissy, for many teens. Driving for so many young adults is a game, especially males, but statistics are starting to show that girls are starting to become just as reckless in some cases.

It’s not all doom and gloom for mom and dad trying to foot the insurance bill for their teen driver though. There are discounts available if your kid is a good student. If they have a B average, 3.0 or higher, or if they are on the honor roll most insurance companies will give you a discount. This is because your little achiever has shown that they can apply themselves and take the rules seriously, and they know how to play by them. The odds of them having to pay a claim due to your teen’s irresponsible driving goes down significantly, which is what the higher rates are about, protecting the insurance company’s bottom line.

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