Cheap Car Insurance For Men

Getting cheap car insurance for men can be quite troubling if you are single and under the age of 25. Not only that but each state has their own unique regulations when it comes to insuring young drivers. Not to worry though. We have helped thousands of young males find low cost auto insurance. Simply enter your zip code above and you may be able to reduce your rates of up to 70% in just a couple of minutes.

Why do young men tend to have higher car insurance rates

Single guys, under 25 have proven over the years that they are notoriously reckless, but you can say that car insurance companies are biased and in a way they are, about saving themselves money.Young guys tend to have a higher sticker price on their insurance premiums because they seem to get a lot of traffic tickets. It seems that for some reason guys get behind the wheel and think that they have something to prove, so they tend to be a lot more aggressive and subsequently a lot less cautious when they drive.

Reckless driving adds up to accidents. Insurance companies figure that because guys in this age and relational group are more likely to get into an accident AND be at fault which means it is going to end up costing them money to insure them, so they charge more to do so. If this same guy gets married, and has kids his rates will come down. Basically, because his lifestyle changes show he is becoming more “responsible”, he has more to lose and less to prove in the eyes of the insurance company so his rates will begin to come down.

If you think this is unfair and just a stereotype, the statistics unfortunately bare witness that the insurance companies have a real point. In 2009, over 70% of the people in fatal car accidents were, yep you guessed it, men. This is in part because men are more likely to exhibit irresponsible behavior like running red lights and drinking and driving.

Men are also more likely to tailgate, no I’m not talking about the parking lot parties that people have prior to football games. When you follow someone too closely while driving you are setting yourself up for an accident, if they stop quickly you are going to hit them. They also don’t like to wear seatbelts. Women are 27% more likely to have a seatbelt on then their male counterparts. Another sign that men take unnecessary risks, men are twice as likely to drive on a suspended license then women.

Essentially, many men regardless of their age feel that the rules do not apply to them, and car insurance companies are very aware of this. They know that insuring a male is a calculated risk; so this is why their premiums tend to be substantially higher. Guys, want your premiums to be lower? Either start following the rules, or do one of the following:

Increase your deductible – The deductible amount is the amount that you have to pay in case you out of pocket before th insurance company pays for the damages in case of accident.

Consider economical family cars to drive – Expensive and powerful sports cars always have higher insurance premiums because they can be aimed by thieves and can be driven fast, increasing the chance of getting into an accident.

Safe driving can also help you get cheap car insurance for men. You will definitely have to pay more if you get into an accident or if you repeatedly violate traffic rules.

An antitheft device can also lower your car insurance premium because it decreases the risk of claiming money for having your car stolen.

Following all or some of the above pointers should help men find cheaper auto insurance rates, but the best way to find the cheapest rates is to shop around because auto insurance rates vary very dramatically from one company to another, especially for men.

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