Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

Utah has minimum car insurance coverage requirements that you must maintain on your vehicles. They are to implemented by the Utah Insurance Department to protect both you and the person(s) or object(s) in the event of an accident.

The minimum you have to have is 25/65/15 with $3,000 in PIP.  What all those numbers basically mean is that you have to have $25,000 in bodily injury insurance per person to pay for medical and funeral expenses resulting from the accident. The second number, the $65,000 that is the maximum amount the insurance will pay for medical and funeral expenses for all persons in the same accident. Again, this is the minimum amount that must be purchased as your policy coverage you can and probably should purchase more.

The third number in the series is your property damage coverage. This is $15,000 in repair or replacement expenses. This is really not a lot of money if you consider it. This is $15,000 per accident. If you have, God forbid, a couple of accidents and one is a little worse than the other you can easily go over this amount of money. What does that mean for you? That means that you will be reaching into your own bank account to pay the difference. You could easily end up being sued for the damages if you cannot pay, not having enough insurance to pay for an accident you are at fault in can turn very ugly very quickly.

Utah also requires that you carry $3,000 in personal injury protection or PIP. This makes sure that you and the people in your vehicle get medical attention regardless of who is at fault immediately. You all get $3,000 each to get your medical needs take care of; this is before your medical insurance kicks in.

If you do not have the proper insurance and are discovered you may lose your vehicle’s registration and be fined up to $400 just for the suspicion. If you are convicted you will also have your driver’s license suspended. Subsequent offenses carry with it additional fines of $400 to $1,000 additional suspensions and revocations of registrations and licenses. These are Class B misdemeanors, so they will go on and give you a criminal record. Who wants that?

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