Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado

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Colorado Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

At minimum, Colorado requires that each car owner carries bodily injury and property damage coverage. 25/50/15, which means $25 thousand in individual bodily injury coverage, $50 thousand for all persons injured by your car per accident, and $15 thousand for any property that is damaged by your car in the incident are what the Colorado legislature has designated as the least you can carry in car insurance.

This may seem like a good amount however, if the costs go above this you must pay for it out of your pocket. Fatal vehicle accidents in Colorado were the cause of over 200 deaths in 2004. In 2005, the cost to pay for all “reported” accidents was 230 billion, yes billion dollars. Believe it or not, one person dies in a car accident every 13 minutes! Colorado car insurance is about average for minimum coverage in the United States. Some states require that you carry medical coverage on your policy as well. A severe vehicle can not only bankrupt you, but if drinking or some sort of intoxicants is involved, it can mean prison time for vehicular manslaughter.

Not only does the Colorado car insurance you purchase protect you when you strike another vehicle, but if you hit a pedestrian. Your Colorado car insurance will also cover you when you drive into other states. Keeping you protected no matter where you are in your car.

Although, it may seem unfair to some that to have to carry insurance at all is a requirement. Colorado wants to make sure that by requiring car insurance, each person on the road is protected in case the unforeseen happens. The odds of an accident grow as weather and traffic conditions worsen. Colorado has many mountainous and winding roads. Snow is a common factor, as well as sleet and slush. Driving in these conditions can be nerve wracking to say the least. Have you ever encountered someone who obviously does not know how to drive on the road when the weather is hazardous putting both your life and theirs in danger? Seasoned drivers know that treacherous roadways mean SLOW DOWN! At least, you’re your car insurance firmly in place you can have the assurance that if the untenable does happen, you have financial coverage to take care of the necessities.

With the avalanche, no pun intended, of tourists flocking to this snow enthusiasts Mecca for the local residents there comes an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle accident. Snow is extremely hazardous to drive in and on. Extra skill is needed to maneuver in this frigid Colorado environment. With this in mind, if you live in Colorado having adequate car insurance is imperative.

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