Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho

One cannot help but think of potatoes when you think of Idaho. Idaho is the supplier of 1/3 of the United States potato crop. Countryside of beauty and functionality, it still has rules like every other state. The rules that apply to driving are just as important here as anywhere else.

Idaho is very different in that they do not have a requirement for insurance coverage. They have a requirement to maintain financial responsibility in case of an accident. This mandate comes from the Financial and Safety Responsibility Act. How this works is that you will have your driver’s operating and registration privileges suspended if you cannot show financial responsibility after you have had an accident.

It also requires that a person who has had their driver’s license and/or registration suspended or revoked prove that they have financial responsibility prior to being allowed to register a vehicle or have their Idaho driver’s license reinstated.

So, what determines that you have financial responsibility? It looks the same as any other states car insurance requirements. 25/50/15 are the numbers that you need to be aware of and fulfill. What do they mean? $25,000 is the minimum amount of bodily injury coverage you have to have for an individual per accident. $50,000 is the minimum amount of the same type of coverage that you must have for bodily injury sustained by everyone who was injured by your car. $15,000 is the minimum property damage that you must have to repair what your car has impacted with.

The State of Iowa follows a Tort system when it comes to vehicle accidents. A tort system means that someone must be found at fault in the accident, and whoever that is, their insurance company and they are personally required to pay for the damages.

Unless you can afford to pay these amounts out of pocket in case you are in an accident than you are better off getting insurance. When you get insurance you should consider purchasing policies that are higher than the minimum. The cost of an accident can add up quite quickly and be very prolonged. Purchasing insurance that will cover you no matter what the severity of an accident will protect you from the headaches and heartburn that trying to cover expenses from a car collision will give you.
There are many car insurance companies that can get you the proper coverage for what your needs are. To keep from having to go to every single one, you may want to access an aggregate site that lists the quotes for you after having inputted your information a single time. This saves you time and energy.

No one wants to get into an accident. Neither does anyone want to deal with the ramifications of not having proper insurance. It is not worth the risk of driving without insurance because you never know when an accident will happen. Having your mind on something else while driving can easily keep you from seeing everything that is happening on the road making it the most likely time for you to create an accident situation.

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