Cheapest Car Insurance in Kentucky

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Kentucky Car Insurance Regulations

The regulations are very simply and modest. Only bodily injury and property damage coverage is required. If you are in an accident your policy must at the very least, cover $25,000 in medical expenses or funeral costs per person and $50,000 per accident for the same. Property damage from that accident will have to pick up $10,000 to repair whatever was impacted. This may sound like plenty; however an accident can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars in expenses before all charges are paid off. Whatever is not paid by the coverage you have on your insurance must be paid by you. 

The penalties for not keeping the proper coverage on your car will be having your license suspended, as well as your vehicle’s registration. You cannot drive an unregistered car on a public highway. The other penalty for driving an unregistered vehicle is that your car will be impounded.

Unless you have a desire to spend time in jail, than driving an unregistered car in Kentucky is not a good idea. You can face fines up to $1000 and a jail sentence of 90 days.

Do not think that you may be able to avoid detection and choose to allow your car insurance to lapse. Kentucky has an electronic reporting system. What this means is that insurance companies send out a report monthly to the county clerk. If your policy is reported as terminated, the county clerk’s office will contact you and demand that you provide proof that you are still carrying car insurance on your vehicle.

The statement “You can run but you cannot hide” has never been as true as this. You can try to keep from paying your insurance premium, but the best you will do is avoid detection for just short of a month, and this is only if you lapse on your insurance just after the reporting has been submitted.

Plus, consider how much it will cost you if you have an accident without insurance. Even without the fines, if you have to pay thousands of dollars to pay for the damage to just your vehicle and if you have any medical expenses you will spend lots more than if you had just gotten your insurance.

Kentucky is a beautiful scenic state; just make sure that you have the proper insurance to make it remain that way. Nothing destroys the beauty of your environment like being harassed by the burden of bills you cannot pay or a possible jail sentence looming in the future.

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