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Get Auto Insurance For One Day – Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance

The famous last words uttered before inevitably getting in an accident are, “I’m just borrowing the car for one day so I don’t need insurance!” The assumption that driving frequency impacts the chances of an accident could be a costly one.

You may be the safest driver to ever have sit behind the wheel of a vehicle but what about that distracted person about to run the stop sign? Any time you decide to drive, you should know that you and the vehicle you are piloting are insured.

Even short distance drives should be covered. This is why one-day automobile insurance exists. If you are driving a rental car for vacation or a move – you are likely covered by a one-day insurance policy. There are other reasons for these policies including borrowing a vehicle or test-driving a potential new car.

What Does a One Day Insurance Policy Look Like?

One day, or short-term, policies are unique in that they do not require an annual contract. Typical car insurance runs on a 12-month cycle. However, the coverage of a one-day policy provides looks eerily similar to average car insurance. Coverage usually includes:

  • Accident related damages for your vehicle
  • Liability for the other driver’s medical and auto damages 
  • Loss due to theft or fire
  • Towing required after an accident

This is a good time to note that one-day insurance policies are not ideal for those that drive weekly. Even if you only put a few miles a week on your car, these short-term policies are not appropriate. You can seek out an inexpensive policy with limited coverage if you are an infrequent, short distance weekly driver. One day policies are ideal for those who rarely drive – less than a handful of times a year.

Who Is Eligible for One Day Insurance Policies?

The stipulations insurance companies place on those who can obtain one-day policies vary from provider to provider. In some cases, it may be a challenge to procure a policy like this.

Insurance companies are far stricter with short-term policies than they are typical plans. They tend to avoid insuring drivers who are young, those who are elderly, and those with sketchy driving histories that include minor or major traffic violations. If you fall into one of these categories and are desperate for a short-term policy, discuss your options with a qualified auto insurance agent.

A typical qualifier for a one-day insurance policy has these qualities:

  • Over 21 and under 75 years of age
  • No traffic violations in the past three or more years
  • No previous license suspensions
  • No insurance claims in the past several years (as the at-fault driver)

How to Find One Day Car Insurance

If you clear the qualifications listed above and decide that one-day car insurance is the best option for your needs, it is time to go about finding coverage! This quick guide will walk you through how to obtain one-day car insurance.

  1. Prepare: Round up all the details about your insurance needs and your driving history. Have the following items ready before starting to look for one-day insurance:
  • Car make, model, and year
  • Driving history
  • Driver’s license
  • Personal demographics
  1. Browse the Web: The internet is a powerful tool and finding insurance policies is a breeze online. Get reviews on insurance companies and decide which ones you would like to seek more information from. In most cases, you can obtain a quote online in minutes.
  2. Use an Agent: Insurance agencies often offer great rates due to their local knowledge of unique plans like one-day insurance. Reach out to an agent if the rates you find online are unacceptable.
  3. Choose a Plan: A low rate might be a big influence in your decision but do not let it be the only factor. Be sure that the company you choose offers great service and handles claims fairly.
  4. Make a Payment: Most one-day insurance policies require full payment at the time of purchase. 
  5. Print Your Proof: Even in this modern age, printed proof of insurance is required by law when involved in an accident or traffic stop by police.

One day car insurance is necessary for anyone getting behind the wheel for a short period. Most major insurance companies offer short-term policies and you can usually find an appropriate plan online in a matter of minutes. An insurance agent can help if you have trouble finding a policy that suits your needs.

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