Cheap Car Insurance in California

California is a state known for its leniency and liberal ideologies. California’s required liability car insurance is no less flexible. In California, you have several options if you are a vehicle owner. In the land of surf and sun, you can drive down PCH with your top down without a worry about which way you can get your car covered by the proper insurance. 

If you have $35,000 you can make a deposit with the DMV. They will hold this in an account for you in case you are at fault in an accident and someone has expenses that need to be paid. You can also obtain a self-insured certificate. This certificate is issued from the California DMV when the person applying for the certificate has 25 or more vehicles registered under his/her name.

Another option is a $35,000 surety bond. A surety bond is a promise to pay in case you have an accident the bond company insures that you will pay the costs incurred in the accident. The liability car insurance requirements for California are 25/30/5. $25,000 for each individual injured, $30,000 for all persons injured, and $5,000 property damage per accident is what this means.

California is not very lenient however, when it comes to not having some type of insurance. If you allow your insurance to lapse, you have 45 days to get it covered again or you will find your vehicle registration suspended. Driving in a vehicle that has had its registration suspended is a great way to lose the car altogether. If you are pulled over, the police will run your cars plates and will have your car impounded, immediately.

A fine of $1,000 or more may be the first of your financial woes if you drive without car insurance. You will have to appear in court to get everything straightened out. The DMV will then step out of the picture and you will entered into the Vehicle Registration Financial Responsibility program. A simple lapse in car insurance and you will have to lay out more money than you thought you might have been saving by not having insurance.

California is a beautiful state. The highways and byways are scenic and in some areas beyond imagination. This is one reason why it can be dangerous to drive in this state. Any time you are not paying attention to the road you are a risk to other drivers. Another reason that California can be so treacherous is because of the density of population that it has.

Securing the proper car insurance in California will open the door to having a relaxed and leisurely drive as you motor down the road viewing the often breathtaking scenery that can only be found on the Pacific coastline.

As with car insurance coverage in any state, comparison shopping to get the best deal you can for the insurance you need is always smart. Visit an aggregate site online and you will receive many quotes for your specific situation. Each quote can vary greatly in price so be patient and see what each insurance company has to offer. Knowing your options lets you stay in control, just like driving a car.

To find a low cost car insurance in California, you can call some of your local car insurance companies and try to get their best quote. This may take some time, but it could be done over the phone. Or you could also go to your local insurance agents in person to find a competitive car insurance rates in California. This would require some driving, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to meet face-to-face with an agent. A fast and easy way to get the cheapest car insurance quotes would be to go online. Here, all you need to do is just enter some basic information about yourself and your vehicle to find the best current rates offered by top auto insurance companies in California. So what are you waiting for? Compare quotes to find cheapest car insurance in California.

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