Cheapest Car Insurance in Delaware

Money getting tight and you are considering letting your insurance lapse for just a little bit? DO NOT! Connecticut car insurance laws are very stringent. Although, the minimum amount that you are required to maintain is the national average, 15/30/10 ($15,000 individual bodily injury/$30,000 combined bodily injury/$10,000 property damage) the fines are not.

If it is discovered that you do not have insurance on your car(s), you will lose your driver’s license for six months…automatically. You will also be fined a minimum of $1500.

Did you know that in Delaware the DMV randomly conducts audits where, if you are a registered car owner, you have to prove you have insurance? Did you know that if you neglect to update your mailing address in Delaware with the DMV and they send out an audit notice that you fail to comply with you will have not only your registration suspended, but your driver’s license and have to pay a fine starting at $75?

This is important information if you are a resident of Delaware and you own a car. If you are new to the state you may not know this little fact. Many people when moving to new states “forget” to get their driver’s license and car registration updated. Most states only allow you 30 days to make these important changes.

Even if you have only moved across town, making sure that your car insurance is up to date and the DMV is aware of where you are is extremely important.

The State of Delaware has numerous ways to discover that you do not have car insurance. As stated above, they conduct random audits. You could be pulled over by a police officer, whereupon you must show your car registration, driver’s license, and proof of insurance. If you do not have it, you will be written a ticket and have to go to court to prove show that you do have coverage.

If you have cancelled your car insurance, the insurance company will notify the DMV of this change. If you have switched insurances, make sure that the new insurance company notifies the DMV. Otherwise, all you will have on record is the cancellation and then you will have the headache of trying to prove that you did not let your insurance lapse.

Car insurance companies in Delaware will issue a proof of insurance card for you to carry in your vehicle. When it arrives, immediately put it into the glove box or secure container in your car. It is best to always know where your car insurance proof card and registration are in case you are pulled over. Fumbling in the box makes officers very uncomfortable. At the very least they may view it as a stall tactic.

Delaware is a great place to live, but make sure that you have the basics covered. Do not let your car insurance lapse or neglect to get it at all. The penalties you will be liable for are not worth the risk, as well if you do not have enough insurance you could lose everything you own in a suit filed by the injured party. Compare car insurance companies online and get the best deal out there. Aggregate sites or individual sites, either way you can take care of your insurance needs in a small amount of time. Always knowing, you are better safe than sorry.

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