Cheap Car Insurance in Nebraska

cheap car insurance in nebraskaAverage car insurance premium in the state of Nebraska is 1,170 per year. This is $250 less than our national average of $1,420. Savvy consumers in Nebraska are getting better-than-average auto insurance rates by having technology and insurance company work for them instead of against them.

By having auto insurance companies compete with each other for your business, Nebraska drivers can significantly reduce their premiums. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect driving record or if you are a high-risk driver, by comparing quotes online, almost anyone can reduce their current rates and get low cost car insurance in Nebraska.

Nebraska Car Insurance Requirements

The Nebraska minimum car insurance requirements are not up for negotiation, although you can take other routes to prove financial responsibility if you choose not to purchase car insurance. Knowing what is available to you is extremely important if you are going to make an educated decision.

As with many other states, Nebraska has minimal requirements as to the types of insurance you must carry. You must have what is referred to as “liability” coverage. This is bodily injury and property damage insurance. This is protection for the person or persons impacted by being hit with your car, as well as the vehicle or physical structure that you collided with. The minimum bodily injury coverage that Nebraska requires is $25,000 for each person in the accident and $50,000 total payout for all persons involved. These are the people in the other car, this is not coverage for you and your passengers.

The property damage coverage must be at least $25,000. This will repair or replace what you have damaged with your car. Remember, these are the minimums you are more than welcome to purchase a policy that offers higher payout limits, in fact it is suggested that you do so in case you have a severe accident.

The insurance industry actually suggests that drivers have $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence to make sure that you are covered in any contingency. The insurance companies can and will pay less than your purchased limits, but they will never pay more. If you do not have enough coverage to pay all the expenses from the accident, you will have to come up with the funds on your own. In other words, if you only have $25,000 in coverage and you have an accident with the medical or funeral expense came to $30,000 you will have to come with the other $5,000 on your own.

Nebraska does not require PIP or personal injury protect or uninsured/underinsured coverage to be purchased, but they too are a very good idea. If you are in an accident you will want to seek medical attention to make sure you are not hurt. Often times, you will not feel the results of the accident at the time due to heightened adrenalin levels. Adrenalin causes the pain receptors to be dulled. This is part of the fight or flight reflex in every animate creature. Once the adrenalin goes back to normal levels, the aches and pains will begin to surface. The PIP can be used in addition to your health insurance. In fact, your health insurance will not pay if you have this until after it is exhausted. The uninsured/underinsured coverage makes sure that all your expenses are covered, if the other person is at fault and does not have any or enough coverage.

Technology is wonderful and it helps us predict and plan our day. From looking up weather to stock information, Internet has made our everyday lives easier. One of the only things they have not figured out how to do is determine when an accident is going to happen. Accidents do happen, and because this is a certainty as long as folks are driving, states have laws and regulations in place to protect us from each other. Protect yourself and your loved ones, as well as other folks on the road by purchasing enough insurance to make everyone financially safe. You, your passengers, and the folks in the other car.

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